APHA's Flu Near You Challenge


Flu Near You still needs you!

In 2012, APHA’s Get Ready campaign teamed up with HealthMap to help track flu cases through an online flu surveillance tool, Flu Near You. People use the tool to report their flu symptoms, which helps map influenza.

During the Flu Near You Challenge, more than 900 APHA members and 100 affiliated state and regional public health associations pitched in to help spread the word about Flu Near You, helping to recruit thousands of people into the system.

APHA’s Flu Near You Challenge has closed, but Flu Near You is still open for recruitment! Sign up today to report your flu symptoms!

Read about the winners of our challenge here.

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About Flu Near You
Flu Near You is administered by Healthmap of Children’s Hospital Boston in partnership with APHA and the Skoll Global Threats Fund. Learn more

Learn about the movie "Contagion"
The movie "Contagion" helped raised awareness of disease outbreaks, with more people wondering how they can be prepared. The Get Ready campaign is here to help.


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Flu shot locator

Find a flu shot location
Getting vaccinated annually is the best way to protect yourself from seasonal flu.

Use the Flu.gov flu shot locator to find a flu vaccination site

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