Advice from the experts: Get Ready Q&As

Preparedness tips and information

  • Preparing for disasters: Information for pregnant women and families with infants
    Q&A with Miriam Erdosi
    Information that pregnant moms and families with infants can use before, during and after disasters and emergencies.

  • Preparing for disasters: Information for people with disabilities
    Q&A with Danielle Bailey
    Tips that people with disabilities can use to protect themselves and their families.

  • Preparing for hurricane season
    Q&A with James Franklin and Dennis Feltgen
    Learn how to get ready for hurricanes.

  • Workplace preparedness: Protecting your employees — and your bottom line — during emergencies
    Q&A with Bob Boyd
    Learn how to keep your employees safe during emergencies.

  • Preparation is key to keeping older adults safe, healthy during emergencies
    Q&A with Jim Judge
    Learn how seniors can be safe before and during a disaster.

  • How to create a healthy emergency stockpile
    Q&A with Capt. Laura A. McNally, MPH, RD, FADA

    Learn how to stock up on food and water in a healthy way, including low-sodium and special needs advice.

  • Food drives: How your local community can address hunger — and be better prepared for emergencies
    Q&A with Molly McGlinchy
    Learn why food drives are important and how yours can be a success.

  • Food banks play a vital role in preparedness: Why you should donate to your local food bank year-round
    Q&A with Natalie Jayroe of Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana

    Learn how food banks help people during a disaster and why you should be donating to your local organization year-round.


What to do during a disaster

  • Tornado safety lessons: Power outages can be dangerous, taking shelter matters
    Q&A with Cindy Chiu
    Information on staying safe during a tornado.

  • Sheltering in place: What you need to know about staying put during an emergency
    Q&A with Darryl J. Madden
    Tips on what to do when authorities tell you to stay at home, work, school or other locations.

  • How to protect your pets in a disaster
    Q&A with Scotlund Haisley
    Learn what you need to do to keep your pets safe during a disaster, including how to prepare.

  • Surviving a disaster: How can we control our fears?
    Q&A with Amanda Ripley

    Learn why so many of us freeze up during an emergency, and what we can do to overcome our fears during a crisis situation.


Fighting infectious diseases

  • NEW! What are public health labs, and how do they keep us safe?
    Q&A with Burton Wilcke, editor of the new APHA Press book “Control of Communicable Diseases Manual: Laboratory Practice.”

  • Proper hand-washing keeps day care kids healthier, helps prevent germs from spreading
    Q&A with Bobette Thompson
    Read about the importance of hand-washing in day cares.

  • Preventing pandemic flu and infectious diseases in children
    Q&A with Jonathan Kotch, MD, MPH, FAAP
    APHA member Jonathan Kotch offers advice on keeping kids safe from flu and other diseases, from child care settings to college campuses.

  • Animal diseases: How much of a concern are they to our health
    Q&A with Lonnie King, DVM

    Learn about diseases that pass from animals to humans, and what you can do to protect yourself.